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Inside Nigeria online marketplace

| Nigeria Online Marketplace | February 2, 2012

As the number of internet users in Nigeria is expected to increase from 33.5million to 70 million by 2015 according to Nigerian Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs Omobola Johnson in 2011, Nigeria like many other countries, especially in the west, will be expected also to be shifting consciousness to an internet based life. What do I mean by internet based life?  Life that promote self and restrict physical contact with others, the one the lives on phone and depend on electronic and communication lines. People will prefer the option to seat at home make orders from the internet pages of most supermarket, fast food shops, book shops, etc. While this has been the arrow pointing direction of our lives in the future and the consciousness is rapidly increasing, Nigerian online marketplace has come to stay. You can now surf your favorite sites like mamymarket the Nigerian online market crowd to see what’s selling, who’s selling and subsequently call the dealers or sellers and negotiate deals on personal bases. This is just one of such to come that will change the way we buy and sell in the future. Shops, supermarkets and in fact all the big retail shops have already started migrating to this cloud of online market consciousness. Though one may say Nigeria case is an exception due to its tagged corruption and internet Scam County. But the truth is that more technologies are developed and are been deployed to mitigate the issue of theft on the internet. For example, internet banking Fraud which has now cause IBM, Intel etc. into rethinking on the next way to password some of our personal online login pages. Must machine are already coming out equipped with some kind of owners special password technology like the finger print login, eyeball scanner, character and object encryption passwords, Etc. most of which are tied with our DNA which will be linked to the user biomedical data supplied by the user upon page registration in as it will be subsequently crossed checked with city or country department in charge of people registration. We are already on the process as via registration of our GSM Sim Cards or National ID Cards.
Nigeria command a huge potential marketplace both offline and online. As technologies are been deployed, people are being aware of what’s available to do. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Nigeria command one of the highest product consuming people in Africa and highest potential market for investors in the world. Its market love new ideas as the people are of high tests and likes. It’s true it’s a third world country, but its citizens have word class tests that’s why new products sales faster in Nigeria.
Online marketplace has come to stay in Nigeria and more consciousness are rising and people are already in it. It will completely shape the way Nigerians move about their business, buy and sale and interact with each other.

Witting By

Cosmas Eluagu

Modified and published By Mamymarket Nigeria

Check the item to make sure you are happy with it, before parting with any money

| Stay safe as you buy | December 3, 2011

Dear buyer, we strongly recomend you to check the item you are interested in buying to make sure you are happy with it, before parting with any money.

Size of Image to be uploaded

| Best Practices | December 3, 2011

In order to have your Ad image uploaded without slowing down your browser and in most cases returning unsuccessful, you need to pay attention to the size of the image you wish to upload.

You can upload up to five images per Ad posting. Please check to ensure that your image size is between 10KB to 80KB each, if you intend to upload more than one image.
You can use the service of (image optimizer.net) to resize you image before posting them

Please use Common sense

| Stay safe as you buy | December 3, 2011

Logging in to your account to use the service of mamymarket.com.ng to search for items to buy, is a right welcome step. But please use common sense in your money transactions. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your desire to inquire or buy an item from an advertiser should make you more curious to make more verification before concluding and sending in your money. mamymarket links both the buyer and the seller and does not in anyway involved in money transfer matters between parties. Use your common sense.